Over the last decade, technological advances have made it easier than ever to print customised clothing. A quick online search can pull up hundreds of t-shirts and hoodies featuring designs based around popular movies & TV shows, cool slogans and a whole range of other concepts.

Customers want products that are tailored to them and that reflect their personality or interests. It’s all about the choice.

This is where DTG comes in; the introduction of DTG printing means that we’re no longer limited to mass orders. Printing one-offs and small orders have become much more cost-effective and as a result, customisation has increased in popularity.

So why stop at clothing?

Over the past few years, canvas shoes have been a continuous fashion trend. From Schuh to Primark, you can’t enter into a shoe shop without spotting at least one style of canvas shoes. The potential market for customised canvas shoes is huge and overall, printing on them isn’t too different from printing on any other garment. All you need is the right equipment and the will to do it!

DTG printers are defined by their versatility and flexibility. If you have the right platen then you can print on almost anything. Better yet, the M2 proves that you don’t need a huge DTG printing machine to create something like this. Don’t let its compact size fool you, the M2 is engineered for high production, outputting more while maintaining excellent print quality. It can print onto shoes just as effectively as it can print onto t-shirts.

Is it time to push your printing boundaries by adding printed designs to shoes?

Watch our video to see just how easy it really is: