DTG Digital Europe - ABOUT US

DTG Digital Europe is a brand from Impression Technology Europe. Our roots are in the garment decoration industry and we are the driving development force behind the globally recognised DTG Digital brand of printers.

As an industry leader in direct to garment inkjet technologies for over a decade, our commitment to research and development continues to advance the digital garment printing industry and set new standards, therefore providing a better experience for our global customer base. Whilst other companies followed the tried and tested route of utilising ready-made print engines, we developed our own system which still drives these machines today – a bespoke system for a bespoke market.

We are also responsible for some of the most important developments in this industry including some that are unique to DTG Digital Europe. Take for instance our custom-made firmware, iQ Interweave, which allows the printer to generate quality prints at low resolution without the problem of ‘banding’. These machines have moved on at pace and can now successfully operate in both short order and bulk quantity production making them the most cost effective, flexible machines available.

We have developed an international network of distributors and agents working in conjunction to serve and support a wider market. The DTG Digital brand has quickly become a household name where direct to garment printing is concerned and has earned itself a high reputation across the world.

Since 2005 Impression Technology Europe has gone from a small business to a multi-million pound company supplying and supporting machines across the world and in its time it has also helped other businesses achieve similar success. Much of this is because of fact that we are proud to boast that we always supply the machine the customer needs and not the one we need to sell. Direct to Garment printing may still be a ‘young’ business but it is in the care of a well-established and well respected company.